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Our business is to keep your business moving, shifting, lifting and anything else you depend upon hydraulics for.

From the moment you contact us, we will do everything possible to get your equipment operating within the shortest time.

  • Cylinder repairs
  • pump and motor rebuild
  • field service/fault finding
  • Hydraulic Services

Our Services

Don't Just Think About Us When Trouble Strikes

Large Fleet

Our large fleet of service vehicles keep Melbourne Flowing

Strategically Located

We have quick access to Freeways to rapidly service Melbourne

24x7 Emergency Service

In case of an emergency we’re available 24×7


Each Flotek technician is an experienced hydraulics specialist

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  • Jul, 2017
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Hydraulic accumulators function very similar to electrical capacitators in that they store up fluid like capacitators store up electricity. The ...

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How Do Gear Pumps Operate?

  • flotek
  • Jul, 2017
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For a gear pump to work properly, two mechanical gears have to be meshing inside a shared housing. The pump is powered by a prime mover, usually a ...

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