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16 Feb

Stay Safe with These Hydraulic Pump Repair Tips

Repairing a hydraulic pump isn’t a straightforward task, but it may be done if the proper knowledge and tools are used. This blog post will discuss a number of the most effective ways to get your hydraulic pump repaired without hiring a knowledgeable person. Keep reading for more! What is a Hydraulic pump? Hydraulic pumps […]

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16 Feb

Hydraulic Valve Repair: Techniques, Tips and Advice

Hydraulic valves are an essential component of any hydraulic system. They regulate the flow of fluid and serve as a control valve for many different types of machines, including construction equipment, heavy machinery, mining equipment, etc. Hydraulic valves can be complex to diagnose due to the vast number of components that they interact with in […]

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07 Jul

Flotek’s Reliability Inspection Agreement!

Embracing German technologies and latest fluid power knowledge from the international market leader and our partner in the field, Hydac, Flotek has evolved to become the leading hydraulic service company in Melbourne! Focusing on extending Machine Life Expectancy via Fluid Engineering. Establishing ourselves here in Melbourne in 2005, we tend to provide top quality customer […]

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hydraulic cylinders
10 Jun

How Important Are Hydraulic Fittings and Hose Pipes?

When there is a need for instant torque from mobile hydraulic gears, then high performance hydraulic pipe fittings and hoses are used. There are key components for circuits, but they are also integral to proper pipe functionality. Were going to look at a few examples of how they are vital to the workings of a […]

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