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Repairs and service to hydraulic equipments

Flotek offer the following services in the hydraulic industry. Cylinder overhaul, Pump and Motor rebuild and bench test. Oil sampling, hoses and fittings, power unit servicing. Design and install of new systems and commissioning. Field service for fault finding. Supply of new components such as filter elements, valves, pumps, motors, control panels, tank accessories, oil, cylinders, rotary actuators, test and diagnostics.

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Cylinder Repairs

cylindrical hydraulic service

Flotek carry out the following repair to cylinders. Manufacture of new chrome rod in 4140 or induction hardened material, chrome and grind service, hone barrel to correct surface roughness, checking of chrome thickness, dimensional tolerance check, seal replacement, welding of rod clevis and end cap, gland bush replacement, assemble, pressure test and paint.

We can hone barrels up to 8m long end for end of diameter 100mm-600mm. Cylinder rod lengths 11m long diameter 104mm or 3m length 600mm diameter. Pressure testing cylinders up to 700 bar.

Pump and Motor rebuild

Piston pumps, vane pumps, internal or external gear pumps, variable vane pumps are all stripped and inspected for repair. Parts are either reused or replaced with new.

Prior to assembly all parts are cleaned in ultrasonic bath. Our bench test for pumps and motors allows us to warrant the integrity of the rebuild and diagnostic chart of the pumps performance.

Pumps ranging from 10cc to 1000cc can all be tested up to its spec on our electric motor or diesel drive test station. Motors are coupled up to a variable motor for dynamic testing.

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Field service / Fault finding / Breakdowns

bolt service

Our field service technicians are trained and equipped to handle a wide range of hydraulics in the field. Our technicians are dispatched and managed via our Customer relationship management software so that the customer is notified of the technician’s arrival date and time. Jobs are categorized into different levels of urgency and status. Electronic copies of the job description, job card and invoice are all emailed to the customer on completion. Any additional work or follow up action is raised as a sub-job to ensure nothing has been missed.   With the right diagnostic equipment such as flow meter, pressure test sensors they can couple into the system to identify what may be wrong. The removal for repair or replacement of components is handled from beginning to end to get the equipment back up and running.

Hydraulic Services

The customer’s machinery or power unit can be serviced by our trained technicians.

A service schedule developed to incorporate oil condition monitoring, filter replacement, pump testing, oil replacement or top up. Recommended inventory of critical spares or consumables implemented and managed.

System upgrades or energy saving improvements are discussed and proposal put together to look at the life cycle of the customers equipment and environmental impact.









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